My Story

Hello my name is Shirley Gain and I am a Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Coach and Mother who is passionate about the benefits of Yoga. I love supporting women to nourish their minds and bodies through discovering the benefits of yoga for themselves so they may cultivate a yoga practice that supports their wellbeing.  I also love creating a space for women to feel supported. I believe that yoga is for every BODY, we all come in different shapes and sizes and all of our bodies tell its own unique story. A posture that one person may find great ease with may be difficult for you and vice versa. My yoga classes are about starting from where you are, and developing a yoga practice to suit YOUR body. I am also hugely dedicated to supporting young people (both girls and boys) through their pre-teen and teenage years by sharing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for their wellbeing and self esteem.

My personal yoga journey began when I became pregnant with my first child. Yoga enabled me to enjoy two healthy, happy pregnancies and also gave me the ability to trust my body and be in the moment. This sense of deep intuition and body awareness contributed to the births of both my children being wonderfully empowering experiences. I felt so inspired by the benefits of yoga that I decided to train to teach. I began my yoga teacher training journey with YogaBirth, an association of wise and wonderful women whose ground breaking work  with the Active Birth Movement led to instrumental changes in caring for women during birth and also paved the way for the development of yoga specifically for pregnancy. I learnt so much about yoga, birth, women's bodies and the power of women supporting women whilst teaching these classes.  

As my children grew I moved away from teaching pregnancy and post-natal
classes and decided to focus on teaching yoga for women in general. I also have a strong mindfulness practice and trained to teach mindfulness for adults and for children (with SMART Foundations). My mindfulness practice very much informs my yoga teaching. I am also influenced by the flowing movements of qigong and integrate this into my yoga classes which are often flowing, meditative practices. In 2016 I embarked upon a Yoga alliance accredited 200 hour teacher training with Sally Parkes Yoga and her wonderful team. It was an excellent course and an enhancement to my existing yoga knowledge. The course was a journey of self learning and an important chapter in my yoga journey.

Yoga has been my constant guide throughout motherhood enabling me to feel grounded and centred and be a still point for my children during their transitions. Now that my son is on the very verge of his teenage years and has very much started puberty I have decided to train to teach youth yoga. My daughter is 9 so pre-puberty however I know it won't be long before she enters that transition into womanhood. My main aim and inspiration is to support girls through this time of change so that they may develop self awareness of body and mind and be able to feel a deep sense of confidence and esteem through the joys of yoga. However my focus is not solely on girls as I am keenly aware of the benefits yoga would bring for my son and boys as they become teenagers. Young people have so many demands and expectations thrust upon them, yoga and mindfulness offer vitally important tools to enable them to feel grounded and to navigate this time of great change and transition. Yoga also gives them the ability to be proactive in their own self care, mental and physical wellbeing and to develop a sense of inner confidence and self esteem, providing them with wellbeing tools for life.

Please do look at my booking page for current classes and keep in touch with my social media channels for yoga inspiration and news of upcoming classes and workshops!
See you on the mat, 
Shirley x